perjantai 31. elokuuta 2018

A lot has happened in a year!

Can't believe I haven't updated this for a year but here's some highlights from past times:

Toffe has made some "show bred"-history by achieving five oval track CC's so far. All these are from Tuomarinkartano in Helsinki and it just might be that he won't ever get the one he needs for the CH-title from some other track but he has already proven himself to be something extra special. 

Photo Ilkka Montonen

Taffy entered first time into senior class at Whippet Tapahtuma (unofficial show) 10.02.2018 and she went all the way to the BEST IN SHOW and she had the best female movements. The judge of the day was Jeannette Lindblad (kennel Magic Colour). So proud of my old lady! This was her 4th Best In Show win. 

Photo A Anderson

Greta ran her 4th lure coursing CC and started her career on the oval track too. But otherwise we haven't been showing or competing in other areas almost at all this summer. Here are some nice photos from our National Specialty weekend in Kaarina 16.-17.06.2018. All the photos are taken by Kai Heinonen



Greta on the move

Greta BIS working class at the Open Show. Judge Kirsten Landsverk (kennel Play Mec)

Taffy 3rd in senior class at the Open Show

Photo Piia Vuorenpää

The best part of this year has probably been our new friend Gimli (Tarumetsän Ikiroudan Timantti). He is a perfect playmate for Greta as Taffy can't do crazy rallies anymore because of her (now two) injured toes. Life is good :) 


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