perjantai 31. elokuuta 2018

A lot has happened in a year!

Can't believe I haven't updated this for a year but here's some highlights from past times:

Toffe has made some "show bred"-history by achieving five oval track CC's so far. All these are from Tuomarinkartano in Helsinki and it just might be that he won't ever get the one he needs for the CH-title from some other track but he has already proven himself to be something extra special. 

Photo Ilkka Montonen

Taffy entered first time into senior class at Whippet Tapahtuma (unofficial show) 10.02.2018 and she went all the way to the BEST IN SHOW and she had the best female movements. The judge of the day was Jeannette Lindblad (kennel Magic Colour). So proud of my old lady! This was her 4th Best In Show win. 

Photo A Anderson

Greta ran her 4th lure coursing CC and started her career on the oval track too. But otherwise we haven't been showing or competing in other areas almost at all this summer. Here are some nice photos from our National Specialty weekend in Kaarina 16.-17.06.2018. All the photos are taken by Kai Heinonen



Greta on the move

Greta BIS working class at the Open Show. Judge Kirsten Landsverk (kennel Play Mec)

Taffy 3rd in senior class at the Open Show

Photo Piia Vuorenpää

The best part of this year has probably been our new friend Gimli (Tarumetsän Ikiroudan Timantti). He is a perfect playmate for Greta as Taffy can't do crazy rallies anymore because of her (now two) injured toes. Life is good :) 


keskiviikko 19. heinäkuuta 2017

National Specialty & Open Show weekend 17-18.6.2017

This year bitches were judged by Mr Arnaldo Cotugno (Sobresalto Whippets) and males by Mr Espen Engh (Jet's Greyhounds) at the Specialty. Vice versa at the Open Show :)

Taffy (Sporting Fields Jamaican Me Crazy) showed the young stars how she still got it and ended up being 2nd Best Bitch at the Specialty. It was a very high quality line up of bitches. None of the final four was bred in Finland and Taffy was the only one who was owned by a Finn (that would be lucky me).

Photo Kai Heinonen

At the Open Show she got a Prize of Honor and was a Best Head & Expression -nominee

Photo Kai Heinonen


Photo Kai Heinonen

Greta (Magtaf May In Martinique) got EXCellent at the Specialty and was 2nd in Working Class with Prize of Honor at the Open Show. She was also a Best Head & Expression - nominee.

Photo Kai Heinonen

Photo Kai Heinonen

Toffe (Magtaf Flagship Flanagan) got EXCellent at the Specialty. He was beautifully handled by Elina Ervasti as I was too busy with the girls :) Thank you Elina!

Photo Anna Szabó

Kiki (Magtaf Jamaican Portrait) got also EXCellent at the Specialty. So it was an EXCELLENT weekend for us!

I also had a great pleasure to handle two promising young stars:

Photo Kai Heinonen

Whiptails Natural Born Charmer "Eddie" owned by Sinikka Morander
EXCellent/4 in Junior Class at the Specialty
4th in Junior Class at the Open Show

Photo Kai Heinonen

Jothryn Alljuring Traits "Maui" owned by Anita Sandqvist
3rd in Baby Class

Thank you ladies for trusting them into my hands :)

And last but not least:

Photo Anna Szabó

Thank You kiss for my Queen of the rings <3 Hopefully we'll be back for the Veteran Classes. Thank You Taffy for giving me so many memorable moments. You are perfect <3

sunnuntai 11. kesäkuuta 2017

Kiki's perfect moment

At Harjavalta Group Show 28.05.2017 Kiki (Magtaf Jamaican Portrait) went all the way to BEST OF BREED with CAC under judge Antoan Hlebarov from Bulgaria. Both groups 2 & 10 were combined for the big ring and Kiki was shortlisted and one of TOP 3 sighthounds under group judge Marija Kavcic from Slovenia.

I'm so proud of her and Elina. She's been maturing slowly but surely and it always makes me happy when the owners have patience to wait for them to be ready :)

BOS Mimi Chill's Dark Diamond BOB Magtaf Jamaican Portrait

Photo Elina Ervasti

She also beat her super star mom Taffy <3
Way to go!

tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2016

Super Sunday September 18th

Toffe aka Magtaf Flagship Flanagan finished his LURE COURSING championship at Selänpää, Kouvola winning over size males with CACL which made him a DUAL CHAMPION!!! So happy for him and his owners Kaija & Ilkka Montonen. Without your hard work all this would not have been possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Photo Ilkka Montonen

Meanwhile in Vantaa at Finnish Whippet Club's unofficial show were over 80 whippets being judged by Pirjo Muhonen (Softouch Whippets). It was a very exciting day and I was so honored that she picked my girl Taffy aka Sporting Fields Jamaican Me Crazy for the BEST IN SHOW. Taffy had also the BEST FEMALE HEAD AND EXPRESSION and she was a nominee for the best movements. Her daughter Greta aka Magtaf May In Martinique was 3rd with the prize of honor in working class and also a nominee for the best movements. 

Photo Anita Sandqvist

BIS Sporting Fields Jamaican Me Crazy BOS Brookway Academy Choice

Photo Anita Sandqvist 

Working class 3rd with Prize of Honor 
Magtaf May In Martinique

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2016


Toffe had a super weekend 20-21.8.2016 at Kouvola & Heinola All Breed Shows! On Saturday he won open class with CQ and ended up being BEST MALE-3 with CAC under Mr Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway. On Sunday he won a huge open class (18 competitors) with CQ and ended up being BEST MALE-2 with third and qualifying CAC under Mr Lazslo Erdös, Hungary.

He was beautifully handled by Sanna Norhio-Hanski & Essi Piironen, Thank You Ladies!

Photo Ilkka Montonen

Brand new champion!!!

13 weeks

6 months

1 year

18 months

So happy for him and his family. Thank you for taking such good care of this handsome boy and giving him the opportunity to show what his made of :)


maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2016

Taffy's super Finnish National Specialty 2016 weekend

Ok, this was one of those weekend's you will never forget. We always attend our National Specialty. Always! It's THE SHOW of the year for me and I just love to watch all those beautiful Whippets (160 this year so pretty big event) and chill out with good friends. Taffy has sort of left the show rings and was shown just for fun. And what did she do! She just came and won the whole thing!!!

And the next day at the unofficial Open Show she was a BIS champion and second best of all the bitches. Never ever going to forget this weekend!!!

Photos are taken by Kai Heinonen, Sinikka Morander and Ilkka Montonen. Thank you again for capturing my puppies so beautifully!

SBIS C.I.B FI Ch EE Ch FiJW-11 TLNW-14 Sportingfields Jamaican Me Crazy

Taffy on the move. There's nothing I'd change in her <3
BIS & BIS champion at the Specialty
BIS champion, best bitch 2nd & best movement nominee at the Open Show

Taffy BIS & BIS champion BOS & BOS champion C'mere Oz The Great
Bitches were judged by Knut Blutecher (Showline Whippets)
Males were judged by Ales Novak (Karstia Whippets)

Happy owner - cool dog

Magtaf was 3rd best breeder with Prize of Honor: Greta, Kiki, Toffe & Enzo

Magtaf Jamaican Portrait

Kiki open class EXC at Specialty

Fi Ch Magtaf May In Martinique

Greta champion class EXC with CQ at Specialty
Best movement nominee at Open Show

Magtaf Flagship Flanagan

Toffe open class EXC at Specialty
Working class 2nd and best head & movement nominee at Open Show

Taffy BIS champion at Open Show

Happy Taffy - Thank You my sweetheart!

keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2016


It was a cold and rainy weekend but we still attended two shows on the West Coast. I was really excited to show Greta for Mrs Thora Brown from Canada as she was by far the most exciting judge of the summer from our point of view as Greta is more North American in type. But I was soooo surprised when Mr Andrzej Kazmierski from Poland picked Greta to be his Best Bitch and finally BEST OF BREED with her third and final CAC. I was over the moon!

Next day was even more rainy when we went to Rauma. Brother Toffe did not want to show at all but he was liked very much by Mrs Thora Brown and was finally Best Male-4 with res-CAC and a wish to be seen again on a sunny day :D Greta won bitches and went all the way to the BEST OF BREED again and finally GROUP-4 under breed specialist Jarmo Vuorinen. BOS both days was very handsome Play A While Mora Marknad.

Here's a group placement photo from Rauma Show. Not the best as it was raining but the most memorable moment!

copyright Harri Natunen/Rauma Show

I still can't believe this all has really happened. So proud of THEM ALL <3

So here she is and her great achievements:

BOB & GROUP-1st puppy in Helsinki Puppy Show 2014, judge Maija Sylgren
BIS puppy at Finnish Whippet Club Specialty Show 2014, judge Wim Wiersma
BIS puppy at Kartano Weekend Sighthound Specialty 2014, judges Monika Mikuliene/ Säde Hohteri
BOB with CAC in Tuusula All-Breed Show 2015, judge Janusz Opara
BOS with CAC in Heinola All-Breed Show 2015, judge Jose M Doval Sanches
BOB with CAC in Mynämäki All-Breed Show 2015, judge Andrzej Kazmierski
BOB & GROUP-4th in Rauma All-Breed Show 2015, judges Thora Brown/Jarmo Vuorinen

Photo Elina Ervasti

Greta 10 weeks

Photo Kirsi Aalto

Greta 6 months

Photo Kirsi Aalto

Greta 18 months

Photo Kirsi Aalto

Greta 18 months

Photo Tarja Savinen

Greta almost two years